Welcome to the first half of the Spring Term 2020 Monday 6th January to Friday 14th February
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Welcome to Class 2!

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Our Class Teacher is Ms Bover
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Linney & Mr Davey 


Spring Term 2016 Curriculum Update
So far in this topic the children have learnt about the Aztecs and took part in a fun filled day of activities including playing Aztec sports, taking part in drama based activities, designing games, making and eating Mexican food and drinking hot chocolate with  all the trimmings! The children have made AZTEC masks and explored the Aztec numbers.
The children have taken part in science experiments using materials to see if they dissolve and if they are reversible.
For Literacy we have explored Incredible Edibles where the children made chocolate lollies, chocolate cornflake cakes and  fruit  coated in chocolate!
We are now reading  Grendal, which of course is about ..... yes you guessed it;




Children have taken part in various drama based activities to explore the characters and the settings and will in the near future be making more things covered in chocolate!
The children really enjoyed their Aztec Day



 Yummy chocolate! 


World Book Day celebrated at Bridgerule School!

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