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Class Three - Trip to Lydford

On Wednesday, Class 3 visited the Anglo-Saxon town of Lydford.  Lydford has an unforgettable setting on the western edge of Dartmoor National Park, just upriver from the spectacular Lydford Gorge. Its importance in Saxon and medieval times has left its legacy in the street layout and in two castles: a post-Conquest castle, of which the earthworks remain, and a 13th-century tower, built on top of a 12th-century predecessor. This latter castle served as a prison for enforcing the laws that regulated both Dartmoor’s forest and also its important tin industry.


They used their historical research that they undertook at school to film their own documentaries which they were very excited about. 


It was their first proper trip out for a while and everyone had a great time - for some, just going in the mini bus was a treat.  


The part that summed up the day was when Mayzie said "Just imagine that someone would have touched these same stones as us one thousand years ago!"

Thank you to Mrs. Bunning for driving us. 

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