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About Us

As a small Church of England school, long established in the area, we feel that the theme of the family school is very appropriate to Bridgerule. Anyone observing the pupils at work or play would be immediately struck by the caring and pastoral role that older children provide for the younger ones, and how we all care for each other.


All the staff that work at the school encourage the family school ethos and this is why we consider ourselves one big family who work and develop together. We hold values of partnership and caring and sharing very highly. The school has a close relationship with local church community and the Parish priest. Our SIAS inspection of June 2012 judged us to be a good school with outstanding features with reference to the Christian ethos and values our school bases its values and achievements upon.
We believe firmly that a school atmosphere of close trust, support and care enables all pupils to develop positively and successfully and, above all, leave with a set of worthwhile values that they may pass on to others in the future. Our school values have been selected by the children who have decided that trust, achievement, friendship, co-operation and respect are those values by which we should live our daily lives.


For 3 days per week, the Bridgerule and Bradford Pre-school use the school hall .The school has been refurbished and a redecoration undertaken. There are bright and well organised classrooms, a library area and a newly refurbished office area. There is a large playground, outdoor play area and environmental area. An added bonus is the access we have to the village football field which we use for sports and for lunch time play during the summer.
Bridgerule Primary School has a long established role in the community. The school takes the views of parents and carers very seriously and is always happy to listen to suggestions. The staff work hard to ensure that it is felt there is an open door policy with parents so that concerns are discussed early and resolutions sought as soon as possible.
There is regular contact with other Primary Schools in the area, particularly close links with Bradford Primary. Following a successful management partnership, Bridgerule formerly federated with Bradford school in September 2009 and then with the Holsworthy Federation in 2011, making a total of three primary schools and the local College. 
Mission Statement


Pupils at Bridgerule Church of England School will be offered a broad and balanced education in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.
Pupils' self-confidence, esteem and independence will be nurtured through a supportive teaching and learning environment that enables each child to achieve their personal potential.
Pupils will be encouraged to foster an attitude of mutual respect, care and understanding within their school environment.
Pupils will be offered opportunities to develop their spiritual awareness, an appreciation of our Christian faith, and an insight into other religions and cultures.
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